We hand pick our coral and never rely on shipments from third parties.

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​growing a successful reef starts with a postive relationship with your supplier



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​our mission is finding the rarest coral for your reef

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We offer a variety of Corals that you wont find at your average pet shop. Not only do we have the areas best selection of corals, we are family owned and operated. This allows us to spend all of our resources on finding you (the customer) the best corals at the best prices. From frags to show pieces, we hand pick our corals and treat everyone with care making sure the transition from our tanks to yours is an easy successful one. 

We honestly believe that having success in this hobby begins with having a positive, trusting relationship with your supplier. From the start of entering our shop you will feel welcomed and encouraged to ask any questions that will help you in making the right choices and having the highest chances of a thriving reef.

We care about our corals and the living inhabitants of our aquariums. Please make sure that your ready to give the time and patience it takes to keep these living animals healthy and happy. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.